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Angeleno - Before TSAArrival LevelTBIT380 World Way 
Angeleno News - Before TSADeparture LevelTBIT380 World Way 
Bead FactoryNorth ConcourseTBIT380 World Way(310) 258-9722
Bienvenida Flowers and Gifts - Before TSAArrival LevelTBIT380 World Way 
BlissSouth ConcourseTBIT380 World Way(424) 750-9001
Book SoupGreat HallTBIT380 World Way(424) 800-2262
BvlgariGreat HallTBIT380 World Way(424) 227-9844
CNN Los Angeles NewsstandSouth ConcourseTBIT380 World Way(424) 750-9102
CoachGreat HallTBIT380 World Way(424) 750-9171
Emporio ArmaniGreat HallTBIT380 World Way(424) 750-9026
Fred SegalGreat HallTBIT380 World Way(424) 750-9271
Hollywood ReporterSouth ConcourseTBIT380 World Way(424) 227-9910
HudsonGreat HallTBIT380 World Way(424) 750-9832
Hudson - Before TSATicketing LevelTBIT380 World Way 
Hudson NewsBus Gates Departure LevelTBIT380 Wolrd Way(310) 337-2673
Hugo BossGreat HallTBIT380 World Way(424) 750-9001
iStore - Before TSAArrival LevelTBIT380 World Way 
iStore BoutiqueGreat HallTBIT380 World Way(310) 258-2406
Malibu Shades - Before TSAArrival LevelTBIT380 World Way 
Michael KorsGreat HallTBIT380 World Way(424) 800-2274
Porsche DesignGreat HallTBIT380 World Way(310) 216-9320
RelayGreat HallTBIT380 World Way(310) 665-9839
Relay Newsstand - Before TSAArrival LevelTBIT380 World Way 
SanrioSouth ConcourseTBIT380 World Way(310) 910-0107
See's CandiesNorth ConcourseTBIT380 World Way(310) 337-1719
See's Candies - Before TSAArrival LevelTBIT380 World Way 
The EconomistNorth ConcourseTBIT380 World Way(310) 665-9833
Travel + Leisure - Before TSADeparture LevelTBIT380 World Way(310) 642-3368
TumiGreat HallTBIT380 World Way(424) 800-2315
USA Today Travel Zone - Before TSAArrival LevelTBIT380 World Way 
Victoria's SecretGreat HallTBIT380 World Way(424) 800-2274
Virgin Mobile/Boost Mobile - Before TSAArrival LevelTBIT380 World Way 
XpresSpaSouth ConcourseTBIT380 World Way(310) 410-9262
Crews of CaliforniaDeparture LevelTerminal 1100 World Way(310) 338-2023
Crews of California (Gate 11)Departure LevelTerminal 1100 World Way(310) 649-6200
Hudson Newsstand - Before TSAArrival LevelTerminal 1100 World Way 
See's CandiesDeparture LevelTerminal 1100 World Way(310) 337-9510
Tech on the GoDeparture LevelTerminal 1100 World Way(310) 337-9967
ESavvy - Before TSAArrival LevelTerminal 2200 World Way 
I Love LA (Gate 24)Departure LevelTerminal 2200 World Way(310) 353-2411
In MotionDeparture LevelTerminal 2200 World Way 
SPANXDeparture LevelTerminal 2200 World Way 
Univision - Before TSAArrival LevelTerminal 2200 World Way 
Hudson NewsDeparture LevelTerminal 3300 World Way 
Hudson Newsstand (Gate 31A)Departure LevelTerminal 3300 World Way 
Hudson Newsstand (Gate 35)Departure LevelTerminal 3300 World Way 
Entertainment Weekly NewsstandDeparture LevelTerminal 4400 World Way(310) 568-8286
Hollywood StyleDeparture LevelTerminal 4400 World Way(310) 337-6761
Hudson BooksellersDeparture LevelTerminal 4400 World Way(310) 568-0416
Hudson NewsDeparture LevelTerminal 4400 World Way(310) 670-0474
On TimeDeparture LevelTerminal 4400 World Way(310) 337-9123
See's CandiesDeparture LevelTerminal 4400 World Way(310) 410-9733
Sunglass HutDeparture LevelTerminal 4400 World Way(310) 649-5579
I Love LADeparture LevelTerminal 5500 World Way(310) 645-3753
LA Times NewsstandDeparture LevelTerminal 5500 World Way 
Magic Johnson SportsDeparture LevelTerminal 5500 World Way(310) 337-9353
Mattel ExperienceDeparture LevelTerminal 5500 World Way(310) 641-1439
Rip CurlDeparture LevelTerminal 5500 World Way(310) 417-8630
See's CandiesDeparture LevelTerminal 5500 World Way(310) 338-0456
XpresSpaDeparture LevelTerminal 5500 World Way(310) 846-0098
Hudson NewsDeparture LevelTerminal 6600 World Way(310) 338-3414
Book SoupDeparture LevelTerminal 7700 World Way(310) 642-0971
Harley Davidson StoreDeparture LevelTerminal 7700 World Way(310) 568-8840
Hudson NewsDeparture LevelTerminal 7700 World Way 
Hugo BossDeparture LevelTerminal 7700 World Way(310) 568-8747
E! NewsDeparture LevelTerminal 8800 World Way(310) 338-2114
People NewsDeparture LevelTerminal 8800 World Way(310) 337-6727